Quick lessons from a branding consultancy

March 20, 2020

I have been a silent admirer of many great works from advertising agencies and brand consultancies.

While people look at advertisements and logos and think of how they feel about it, I like to dive deep into the creative process and the little details that the creator has placed in there.

One of the more interesting specimens that I had the honour of encountering in person is the Library at Orchard central. This work of art is done by a brand consultancy in Singapore, Diabrands.

A feature wall created by DIAbrands

Think out of the box

Now, this may sound a bit cliche, but it's really evident it how the library was designed.

Framing the library as a ‘wonderland’ that makes design accessible and inspiring for all.


The first approach is to break all common understanding of how a "library" is supposed to be. Only then can you explore unique elements that will truly surprise the users because it is out of the norm.

Even from furniture to how space allocation is planned, every corner truly provides a unique experience for the reader.

Snaking shelves creates a "maze-like" appearance that promotes discovery.

Users can explore various categories just like exploring a maze because the destination is not always that obvious with the snaking shelves.

That's all I have for this masterpiece, see you next time.

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