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How do we put ourselves in the shoes of another whose life is affected by the landmine? How can we ever understand their fears?

The fragile quail egg shell, mounted by a hidden screw atop this faceted ring made of repurposed artillery shells recovered in Cambodia, is designed to break – just like how landmines are designed to destroy. By wearing this ring, the wearer’s movement is immediately restricted, similar to how one’s movements are restricted when living in a landmine-affected area.

When the egg shell is broken and removed, an anti-landmine sign, made of raw copper or brass, is revealed. The design is inspired by an anti-personnel landmine meant to destroy, but instead is now a statement by the wearer – who is part of an international community to egg on peace.

Made of 18K gold-plated copper and brass, including metal repurposed from artillery shells recovered in Cambodia.

Currently available for pre-order, so it is made just for you – one at a time, one of a kind. Your jewellery piece will ship within 4-6 weeks after your order is placed.

Raised in Singapore, and later educated at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London, Yuki Mitsuyasu designs and constructs jewellery intended to tell a story. Carefully crafted into each piece is a narrative, waiting to be recounted, explored, and shared.
Mitsuyasuʼs choice of materials, the manner by which they are shaped, and the functions they perform all work collectively to weave the intended narrative.
And just as there is more than one side to a story, Mitsuyasu stresses too the importance of jewellery looking beautiful from every angle. Yet, every point of view does not distract from the narrative. The themes, often universal and timeless, lend the pieces immediate iconic status. 

Her awards include Goldsmith's Craftsmanship and Design Award 2007, International Jewellery London Best New Product Award 2008 and Editor's Choice Award 2010.

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