UI Analysis of a payroll software company

March 2, 2020

Here is an in-depth analysis on how to structure an information page for a SAAS software.

I have been humbly invited by the team from Payboy, to break down the various aspects which I love about their payroll software.

The link to the page in question is their page on payroll software ( Link here )

Detailed hero panel

The first thing I really liked about this page is that there are summary of the key benefits in the hero section.

You can easily glance at the differentiating features to get a sense of what's important to you before heading the the sub sections and going through long rows of text.

Secondly, the mascots on the site are very relevant as Trump is still the president and it add a playful vibe to the page.

Customised graphics tailored to the brand

The next thing I like is the customised graphics tailored to the brand. Most businesses do not invest in original art work which I think is a big shame because graphics are a great way to make you brand memorable.

Instead of downloading regular isometric packs online, why not hire a designer on fiverr for just under $50 to create customised graphics for you?

That's it for my short summary on the User interface of this website, of course there are many other factors that I can talk about but this are the main design elements that I would like to recommend.

If you would like me to review your website, you know where to shoot me a mail 😉

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